BKMA (Bala Kailasam Memorial Award) is instituted by the Cinema Rendezvous Trust to celebrate the spirit and vision of Mr. Bala Kailasam, a television professional, and an activist documentary filmmaker who urged the use of the media for the betterment of the society.

B. Kailasam, fondly called BK – a television professional & an activist documentary film maker.Bala Kailasam fathomed the impact media has on human lives and the responsibilities of this powerful tool for the betterment of the society. His untimely demise came as a shock to his peers. Yet, his sheer passion is motivating us to take his visions forward. Hence this award has been instituted to bring focus on the impacts and responsibilities of the media.

Bala Kailasam Memorial Award (BKMA) is awarded to an individual or organization that makes use of one of the following mediums to create a social change in the following categories — Social Media, Television, Print Media, Radio or Documentary. The work done by the awardees should have impacted India in a tangible manner and brought about betterment in the society/ a state / the country.



BKMA 1st Edition 2015

BKMA 2nd Edition 2016

BKMA 3rd Edition 2017

BKMA 4th Edition 2018

BKMA 5th Edition 2019