Intensity details of film, Eyes Wide Shut movie with CR,
discussion inspired, i understand different perceptions of cinema, running packaging of a film, cinematography, People with no film background watch movies for entertainment, now  look at cinema very different.

Anand Sampathkumar

Movies are an experience in itself. A committed film maker’s soul is what we see as a film. A good film has many layers – whats seen overtly and whats subtle. The way a director brings out the best from artistes, technicians….all these are brilliant experiences. Such experience elevates itself several notches when watching along with like minded film lovers. The conversation about the film doubles the experience. Bliss

Ajitha Bala

Watching films in film club firstly get to see a lot of movies in different languages, This exposes the mind and also the outlook


Film clubs have been instrumental in getting the general audience introduced to various aspects of film making at deeper level. The creative thought process of Directors and the various technicians have been broken down to simple terms so that a layman can understand. The icing on the cake being getting people from various departments of Film making to interact with the general audience. The choice of the film being screened makes a big difference as films from different parts of the world exposes us to various styles of film making and also to observe the thought process of the film maker. I have viewed quite a few films in CR which I would have never seen by myself. Some of them being radical as our minds are tuned to see more of commercial cinema.

Nina Reddy

Watching movies in a group and with like-minded passionate people who love Cinema is an exciting! One sees the perspective from others point of view..and it’s fascinating to note that any situation or story has so many layers and so many different Vewpoints !!! Literally , It’s like watching any of our life’s situation on a big Screen and I end up reflecting and introspecting : Life is intricate yet simple: life is Big yet You are so small : Life is magnificent and most times we don’t recognize or realize it ! And I learn a lot from movies when I watch with the club because it’s being open to everyone else opinion and hence we open up our horizon for learning n evolving!! Rock on Cinema Rendezvous!!